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A solar energy system may be one of the best investments you can make for your home, but it’s not perfect. There...
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You’ve just had solar panels installed on your roof and they’re paying for themselves — but is that enough? A solar power...
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If you’re a homeowner considering solar energy for your home, you might be wondering about home solar electricity monitoring. You’ve probably heard...
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Electric Vehicle Chargers Electric Vehicle Chargers Request A Quote More About Us Home Electric Vehicle Chargers The EV market continues to grow,...
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A PV module is an assembly of photo voltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation cells use sunlight as a source...
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Dan and his crew are professional and knowledgeable about solar. I was not sold that solar was necessary. They took the time to explain the benefits and left the rest up to us. No high pressure sales!!! After the install Dan personally came to the house to explain the system. We feel comfortable we made the right choice.
Zack and the rest of their Team, including the Owner, have done an outstanding job in explaining Solar usage, advantage over the Grid and and savings. Their an Online App to view how little or just overall usage.
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Scott Pino
Lunex Power Customer
Lunex Power Customer
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