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Solar System Repair
A solar energy system may be one of the best investments you can make for your home, but
Solar Energy System Repair

A solar energy system may be one of the best investments you can make for your home, but it’s not perfect. There are many things that can go wrong — and they do.  You should never do this kind of repair work yourself when you can have Lunex Power handle it.

Overview of common solar energy system problems

Solar energy systems are often a great investment for homeowners. A solar energy system can help you save money on your energy bills, and even earn you money if you sell excess electricity back to the utility company. But solar energy systems, particularly rooftop solar energy systems, are very complex, and they could run into several issues when you install them on your home.

Most systems require periodic maintenance, and you should take the proper steps if your system fails because you’re going to need to make replacement parts if they break.

If you’re getting a solar energy system for your home, make sure you know the potential hazards of installing it. Things start to go south quickly if anything goes wrong with the hardware inside your home.

Squeezing a solar energy system into a small space can be hard when you’re working with complicated circuitry. Fortunately, solar panels are made up of several different parts. There are two main groups of parts to consider: components that help your panel collect energy, and components that convert the energy to a usable form.
Most solar panels use a thin layer of silicon or magnesium coated with a metallic ceramic called silicon dioxide. When you apply the sun’s rays, the silicon coating on the glass panel absorbs most of the light, but not all of it. The light waves then penetrate into the ceramic layer where the electrons are moving very fast.

The electrons in these ions are excited to higher energy levels, and when you apply more energy, the material in the outermost layer of the panel breaks down and releases free radicals (charged atoms and molecules whose unpaired electrons are uncontrollable.) These free radicals attack the cells of your solar panel, causing short circuits and damage.

The easiest way to identify a damaged cell is to look for high resistance. With a little bit of electrical current, you can shine a flashlight through the insulation of the panel and feel for high resistance.

Preventive maintenance to avoid common solar energy system problems

Before diving into solar, there are some concepts you should understand. These include, but aren’t limited to:

Your local electric utility may use a “power line” to deliver electricity as either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). Some utilities use both types of technology, so both types of power lines are available.

Out-of-Order (OOOo) Displays: Sometimes, a display will appear to be out-of-order, even though it isn’t. A display may simply be displaying temporal artifacts or it could be displaying random numbers, symbols, or even words. This is a completely normal event and nothing to worry about.

When it’s combined with other factors, ooOOo displays can actually be very dangerous.

These can include exposure to high humidity, improper installation, or poor wiring.

When most people think of solar power, they think of panels placed on roofs, but the panels need to be pointed at the sun. As with any solar system, the panels need to be cleaned and maintained to reduce any potential problems with them. The panels also need to be aligned with the sun so that the system can generate more energy.

If your roof gets too wet, you may not notice that the panels need attention. There are numerous things you can do to ensure your roof stays clear to avoid problems with the panels.

All of this is extremely important to take care of because frequent cleaning and alignment of the panels will reduce any adverse effects this could have on the power of the panels.

The size, placement, and position of the solar panels play a significant role in how much power your system produces.

When minor malfunctions occur, call Lunex Power to repair your solar energy system

A solar energy system may be one of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility bills.

Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows; there are some issues that may arise that you’ll need to deal with. These quick fixes should help you get back up and running quickly so that you can keep saving money on your electric bill!

If your solar energy system malfunctions, there is no need to panic. By following the steps in this article, you will be able to troubleshoot your solar energy system and get it back up and running quickly!

Many electronics (smartphone, laptop, etc.) can be compromised by water and exposure to moisture. Parts can become embedded into the electronics and can become difficult (if not impossible) to remove. If your solar energy system becomes damaged, it may require specialist tools to disconnect components.

If a small amount of water accumulates on one or more of the solar panels, this can indicate that the water may be sealing around an exposed circuit. If this is the case, unplug all solar panels but keep them connected to the electrical system. If the water on the panels collects to the point where it forms a layer on top of or across a circuit — this is considered a moisture emergency and should be dealt with immediately.

Use compressed air or a brush to clear any accumulations of water.

Water can build up around solar energy panels if they develop condensation. For example, condensation may form at the top of the panel, following the light curve of the sun. This condensation may not be visible to the naked eye, but can still adversely affect the performance of the solar panels and extend the life of the panels.

Wind can also cause small particles to landing on the panel and getting caught in the aluminum foil of the panel.

These particles can become wedged between the foil layers and plug the panel. For this reason, it’s beneficial to regularly clean the outer surfaces of the panels using a solutions box filled with compressed air or clean water (try not to get any spray on you). Clean the inner surfaces of the panels with a damp cloth.

There are many reasons why a solar energy system may become damaged. Below are a few of the most common.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly way to generate electricity. It’s also one of the most practical options out there. With a solar energy system, you can reduce your electric bill by as much as 50%, increase the value of your home, and reduce your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, solar energy systems aren’t perfect.

What happens when they malfunction?

Sunscreen breaks down from a constant flow over time. Old creases in the roof can Thin a photovoltaic panel’s cells over time. Flares can damage the protective coating on the panels. Heat builds up on the panels and can overheat the cells, preventing the cell’s placement on the panel.

When a solar energy system failed over the summer, I had to diagnose three problems to determine whether or not the system was offline and causing my energy bill to skyrocket. Here are the exact steps I took to diagnose and repair my system in order to minimize the impact on my electric bill and extend its lifespan.

To perform the treatment described above, you will need a solar energy system repair kit. While you can get a kit at most hardware stores, I recommend contacting the professionals at Lunex Power.

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